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Welcome all, this is a special page for me to quickly and simply publish news, photos and video from IBC2007.

I will be reporting primarily for DVXuser.com.
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Tuesday 9.10.07 09:30:22 EDT Test 483 Cellphone / SMS
Tuesday 11.9.07 10:07:14 EDT IBC 2007 is now over. This concluds my IBC Newsfeed. Check DVXuser.com for more news over the next couple of days. Thankyou for reading! - Mikko Cellphone / SMS
Tuesday 11.9.07 06:32:50 EDT Sony\'s future HDV cams due out Q1 2008. Handheld unit priced about e6500, shoulder version about e8000. Cellphone / SMS
Tuesday 11.9.07 06:08:51 EDT Rosco Litepads are priced from 50-500USD, depending on the size. Cellphone / SMS
Monday 10.9.07 08:17:56 EDT New GV-HD700 HDV/DV-\"walkman\" deck from Sony avilable for e1250 by the end of the year. Cellphone / SMS
Monday 10.9.07 07:40:37 EDT Charles King of HBS is here! Cellphone / SMS
Sunday 9.9.07 09:10:14 EDT Edius Broadcast DOES support XDCAM-EX. - more in media gallery. Cellphone / SMS
Sunday 9.9.07 08:49:27 EDT XDCAM-EX a very low priority for Adobe, no support any time soon. Cellphone / SMS
Sunday 9.9.07 08:23:19 EDT OnLocation and Ultra are remaining unchanged. No Mac or P2 support announced at this time. Cellphone / SMS
Sunday 9.9.07 08:05:13 EDT BG: yes, it does. More than the EX1 Cellphone / SMS
Sunday 9.9.07 02:27:43 EDT A little bit of clarrification: The EX1 does shoot true offspeed right to the card. It doesn\'t use a buffer like some other Sony cameras with \"high speed\" mode. Web Post
Saturday 8.9.07 19:27:54 EDT I was just asked by text message how badly the EX1 wobbles. From what I tested; it\'s negligable, if you are trying to find it you can, but only very barly Cellphone / SMS
Saturday 8.9.07 08:15:55 EDT EX1 live outputs disabled during offspeed shooting. HDV is 1080i only. No known NLE support for XDCAM-EX (new codec) yet. Camera is HD only, no SD mode. Cellphone / SMS
Friday 7.9.07 18:01:52 EDT One last clip that I just had to upload before bed because of it\'s \"cool\" factor is this \"Minority Report\" style \"non-touch-screen\" that is on display at the Manfrotto Booth: ManfrottoMonitor1.mp4 Still need a little refinding, but the basics are there. More tomorrow! Web Post
Friday 7.9.07 17:43:07 EDT Well, it\'s almost midnight here, I\'ve had a hell of a long day. I\'ll have more news and answers to many of your questions (keep them coming!) tommorrow. - Mikko Web Post
Friday 7.9.07 16:18:35 EDT In addition to more details from Sony and Adobe, what else should I check out tomorrow? Use the online pager to send me your requests and questions. Cellphone / SMS
Friday 7.9.07 15:48:44 EDT I was unable to get footage from the EX1, not going to happen without a SxS card, sorry folks. Cellphone / SMS
Friday 7.9.07 14:27:41 EDT Canon does not appear to have any new cameras at IBC 2007 (unless they are hiding something in a glass box again!) Cellphone / SMS
Friday 7.9.07 12:09:03 EDT IBC is now closed for the night. I\'ll post more details here and on DVXuser in a little while when i get a chance to sit down and breath. Cellphone / SMS
Friday 7.9.07 07:45:03 EDT More info and in depth reviews later as I discover stuff. Feel free to send me tips and questions with the online pager. Cellphone / SMS
Friday 7.9.07 07:17:20 EDT Sony EX1 has very slight wobble. Lens controls are good. No obvious C.A. Cellphone / SMS
Friday 7.9.07 07:11:29 EDT Sony reps: EX1 records to SxS ONLY. It did not recognize a generic mem. card I inserted. Cellphone / SMS
Friday 7.9.07 06:41:06 EDT Misc photos are beeng posted to the media gallery. Stay tuned, Sony is next! Cellphone / SMS
Friday 7.9.07 06:27:15 EDT All P2 support in prem will be released simultaniously for PC and Mac. OnLocation an Encore wont be updated, \"yet\". Cellphone / SMS
Friday 7.9.07 06:12:20 EDT Adobe pem will support ALL HVX200 P2 formats!! AE to follow shortly! All free updates. Cellphone / SMS
Friday 7.9.07 06:01:09 EDT IBC 2007 is open! Cellphone / SMS
Friday 7.9.07 05:06:46 EDT I have arrived in amsterdam, IBC opens in 55min... Cellphone / SMS
Thursday 6.9.07 18:39:35 EDT It\'s 1:30am, I fly out in just a couple of hours to Amsterdam. Final packing is underway, including my army of communications gear: Cellphone / SMS
Thursday 6.9.07 07:12:53 EDT I can post text, photos, and video, to this site from either my cellphone or any web-terminal. This means instant reporting live from IBC without dependence on laptops or Wi-Fi access. - Mikko Web Post
Tuesday 4.9.07 19:35:58 EDT Welcome to the 2007 IBC newsfeed from MikkoWilson.com! Cellphone / SMS

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